“That Club” Dinner Club – Loudoun

A club, formed a little over 100 years ago by Winston Churchill, called “The Other Club” was recently brought to my attention. And it had a set of rules which we have retooled for the cause:

1) The Club shall be called “That Club”.
2) The object of That Club is to dine.
3) The Club shall dine on second Wednesdays of the month at 7pm EST promptly.
4) The Host of the club for the evening shall provide whatever they desire for dinner, and request whatever they may require from other members in attendance in order to have a great meal.
5) The Club shall consist of no more than 10 families or 20 individual members, whichever is achieved last.
6) So long as this number is not exceeded, any Member may propose a Candidate for election to the Executive Committee, and the Committee may circulate the name of any other Candidate or Candidates to the Club for election at such time as they think fit.
7) At such time that the potential membership should exceed the limit set forth in Rule 5, the Committee may choose to form a new Chapter of the Club, with its own discretion on determining the new Chapter’s time and day as set in Rule 3.
8) The Executive Committee shall settle all outstanding questions with plenary powers.
9) There shall be no appeal from the decision of the Executive Committee.
10) The names of the Executive Committee shall be wrapped in impenetrable mystery.
11) The Members of the Executive Committee shall nominate the Secretary, who shall receive no remuneration and shall be liable for all unforeseen obligations.
12) Nothing in the rules or intercourse of the Club shall interfere with the rancour or asperity of party politics.

That Club dinners are strictly invitation only. If you’re interested in attending, please contact us.