Coffee Klatsch – Leesburg

The history of the Coffee Klatsch is an interesting one. The point is that whoever you are and whatever you do, you are a citizen with thoughts and opinions of value. It is critical for all of us to weigh in on the affairs of the day with other thoughtful and caring people. We do not need to avoid talking about things precisely because they are so important one. We just need to talk of them with people in a way that respects who they are and who you are.

Every Monday from 10am to 2pm we gather at Trinity House Cafe in beautiful Downtown Leesburg, VA. We match up times when folks are able to hang out on the FB Event (nobody gets to hang or for 4 hours. For God’s sake, don’t you have WORK to do?!?). Come take a shift and keep the conversation going!

We’re open to different hosts, locations and dates/times. But first step…come see us!